BDSM is uniquely qualified to help people lose weight. I’m personally familiar with many
women who have successfully lost a surprising amount of weight using this system.
If you are not familiar with BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and/or Masochism,) please do
an Internet search or otherwise learn it better (should that be your wish.)

As you know losing weight is an arduous, restrictive, sacrifice-filled experience that isn’t
particularly fun. To fight this, the dieter needs a lot of motivation. Happily, BDSM can be of great
service regarding that.

Integral to successful weight loss using BDSM is that the dieter needs to be submissive to the
Dominant and relinquish control to him of those aspects of her life that affect her weight loss,
such as her dieting. (Review our case studies)

As a Master, I have overseen many female submissive/slave’s BDSM weight loss programs, and
often with very good success. There is no doubt that this kind of BDSM weight loss program can
be a first-rate weight loss plan. It has proven itself many times.

The biggest problems however are that the dieter (the submissive):
(a) Decides against continuing with the restrictions of the weight loss program (such as the diet)
(b) Rebels against the dominance of her Dominant. (If this occurs, likely all is lost.)

Talk to each other about this in the beginning and again as necessary. Be prepared for it so you
can talk about it when (and if) it occurs.

In this weight loss program, the dominant will exercise strict control over what she (the
submissive) eats and will punish her for infractions as he feels is necessary. She can’t rebel
against this or the weight loss program likely won’t succeed.

She also needs to be honest with herself and with her Dom. She can’t go about eating foods (or
excess amounts of food) that she isn’t allowed to, and/or lie about it, etc. Should she fail
regarding this, she should be punished and she needs to accept that.

Unfortunately during the BDSM Weight Loss Program one or more of these problems can
manifest themselves:
A) Life throws her a curveball and the dieter has to get off the weight loss program. In that
case, let it go and restart it ASAP.

B) People just don’t like to be told they’re overweight no matter how true it is, so even
discussing it can be a sensitive subject, and that includes while the BDSM Weight Loss Program
is going on! It’s very helpful if the submissive works past this as it’s natural during this time to think
that her Dominant has a negative view of their current possibly overweight body.

I can think of a particular time I put a slave on a BDSM weight loss program and she rebelled
after only around 6 days. I’m confident it was not my fault. We ended up ending our online
relationship because of this. I was in contact with her a couple of months later and happily, she
had restarted dieting and had lost a significant amount of weight.

Even though it was me who had finally inspired and required her to get on a weight loss program
of any sort, she did not in any way associate her weight-loss success with me anymore at that
point (and unfairly in my opinion.)

C) The Dominant is not good at this and the submissive needs to break it off due to that. Perhaps
he’s not a good Dom to start out with or she doesn’t respect him as much as both had thought she
did. (It helps if the Dom is in decent physical shape and exercises himself but that is
comparatively minor.)

The Dominant needs to know how much (and how hard) to push her but if she is sensitive to this
type of control then the program is likely doomed to failure.
D) She doesn’t want to lose weight bad enough.
E) She rebels against certain specific demands of this strict regimen.