See your doctor before starting any diet or exercise regime.

While you’re at the doctor’s office, utilize the opportunity to also discuss what limitations might need to be taken into account when deciding on an exercise plan. Again, what would be healthy, safe and REASONABLE? Have you started to see a pattern here yet? Like everything in life, if you use a bit of common sense and have the self-discipline to follow what you negotiate and be reasonable, you can accomplish amazing things. On to the words of wisdom we promised.

  • Drink more water.
  • Cut down or cut out soda. If you don’t want to cut it out completely, switch from regular to diet.
  • Grab a piece of fruit or some veggies instead of that candy bar or bag of chips.
  • Use leaner meats when possible.
  • Cut down on the carbs.
  • Cut out saturated fats when possible.
  • Cut down on the condiments (you would be amazed at how many carbs and calories they have).
  • Leave the fast food alone!

You will notice we have said to cut down on many of these things instead of cut them out. This goes back to being reasonable. How many diet plans have you tried in the past? We would be willing to bet that many of us have tried quite a few. They either didn’t work or the results didn’t last. Why? For most of us it was because it was too hard to stick to or maintain.
This is where our plan comes into play. By using the power exchange dynamic, you have a built-in support system that will help you stick to the plan and, even more important, you are going to be reasonable. Instead of cutting out the things you crave and being miserable or, even worse, going off the plan and bingeing because the desire for some element was just too great, you are going to be REASONABLE. You are going to consider including in your negotiations the ability, on occasion, to satisfy that craving.
This can be as simple as agreeing that instead of drinking three or four sodas a day like many of us do, you instead only have one, and make that one a diet or zero-calorie variety. Then as you build the habit to have a glass of water—which is a good idea for a variety of reasons—instead of the soda, it will be easier to move to only having one every few days. This way you don’t struggle with that craving that makes you want to cheat, and it will be easier to keep the trust of your partner. There are a number of other things you can do. Someone more qualified than us can help you decide what would be best for you.

See our 14 day Keto meal plan for some ideas.