Dominant Info

A) To start out with, the submissive needs to accept that she needs to lose weight. (Hopefully, she adamantly wants to lose weight.) The other option is that her Dom/Domme has told her to and she is going to obey him.

B) She might first try the usual methods of losing and keeping weight off, and hopefully, that works. If those attempts aren’t fruitful enough, or if she wants to try another type of weight loss program from the get-go, then the BDSM Weight Loss Program is definitely a way to go.

C) If possible, determine just what the weight loss program’s specifics will be. It doesn‘t need to be complex or extreme. BDSM weight loss typically is a combination of exercise, good sleep, an acceptable level of stress, and diet/calorie restrictions. The more sex she can have during this time, typically the better. Does she have a convenient way to exercise? Does she know where to get low-calorie food?
The lack of optimal gut microbes have been tentatively linked to many overweight people are so perhaps a probiotic should be taken but beware, most, if not all of the live bacteria in a probiotic supplement is killed by stomach acid so get one that can best survive stomach acid on its way to the colon where it has important work to do. Low-calorie yogurt has at least somewhat of a probiotic effect.

D) Can she afford Nutrisystems, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast or something of that nature? If so you’ll likely want to go with that.

E) Does she understand nutrition well enough to know the allowable foods to eat? Most women do. If not her Dom will have to have even stricter control over the food she eats.

F) Tell the sub/slave on what day the program begins. Give her at least one day to party a bit and experience the culinary freedom that she won’t have for some time.

G) Maintenance spankings can be a good idea during the weight loss program. This helps the submissive’s conscious and/or subconscious mind remember the importance of respecting her commitment to the program and the authority of her Dom who will oversee it and punish her (and reward her) when she fails to keep her end of the bargain. Definition of a Maintenance Spanking: Spankings administered on a regular basis to keep the spankee on the straight and narrow. (Punishment spankings are administered in addition to these.)

H) Provide encouragement for the submissive and perhaps give her extra time to work out by doing certain chores that take up her time and/or energy.

I) At some point down the road she can start increasing her calorie intake but that should be after significant weight loss or if there are health issues.

J) In most cases it’s helpful for weight loss if she speeds up her metabolism in some healthy way.

K) Important, don’t forget about rewarding her for her weight loss accomplishments. Be liberal with the rewards. She’ll likely really appreciate those and rewards may be the difference in the success or failure of her adherence to the program. I personally would not include higher-calorie treats as a reward but it’s up to you. The truth is that the sub/slave typically will really look forward to her rewards (though the bigger ones need to be substantial, like a night out or a new special article of clothing, etc.) The sub/slave should feel free to remind her Dom about the rewards from time to time and if the Dom is not rewarding her in a noticeable and significant manner, it’s my opinion that he is not keeping up his end of the bargain.

Be generous with minor rewards like watching something she wants to on TV or fixing a nice low-calorie dinner for her if the Dom doesn’t normally do that. Throw in bigger rewards periodically. Perhaps it is she who should choose, or at least recommend the upcoming reward. (I think it can be better when it is she who chooses at least the major rewards.) Rule: Rewards cannot be taken away as punishment. She has to be able to take her punishment like a good girl and once she’s been punished, it’s over. The slate has been wiped clean because she paid fully for her transgression thanks to the punishment. I for one will only supervise a BDSM Weight Loss Program where I can punish her at will. Having a corner to send her to stand in after her well-deserved spanking is also a great idea! (If she won’t let you spank her then I  suspect this weight loss program is not for you two, or it’s a long-distance relationship.) Getting her a new sex toy(s) can be a good reward. (As a Dom I require my slave to have a huge amount of sexual pleasure from playing so new sex toys work nicely.) As a reward, periodically you should take her out to eat where she can have a moderate calorie

L) Compliments – We all know how much women love compliments. Doms, don’t forget to compliment her for her hard work regarding the weight loss program. It will also be very helpful if she has a dieting and/or workout support system with family and/or friends. Two or more women starting a weight loss program together is often a great thing, maybe even throw in a bet as to who would be the first to quit. Perhaps the Dom and sub/slave would like to do this together, both going on at least a diet. A problem is that the Dom can’t get punished as readily for transgressions (or can he?) Perhaps he can lower his calorie intake out of respect for what she’s going through particularly if they live together.

Her overweight friends and family that don’t want to deal with the concept of weight loss can be a problem. They might tell her she looks fine and that she shouldn’t feel she needs to work out and/or diet due to their own insecurity and/or laziness. That position however is not good for our situation.