Lori – Case Study 1


Lori started the BDSM weight loss program under my guidance. She formerly was my slave (but wasn’t at that time.) She still had a strong respect for me as a Dominant though and we played semi-regularly. (As amazing as it sounds, I’m proud to say we actually had an amicable break-up. Yes amicable break-ups really can happen!)

Day #1
During the previous day she partier with her son. That night she had a sugary soft drink, several slices of regular pizza, salad from the salad bar with a very generous helping of higher calorie salad dressing. Later they had ice cream cones. The program started the next day with weighing herself after defecating (but before eating.) Lori could afford Nutrisystem, had preordered and was able to start eating those that day. She had a stationary bicycle in her living room. We did not live together but were in the same vicinity so we could see each other in person without too much trouble (especially since I lived alone and was self-employed.) That day she only ate Nutrisystems meals and exercised on the stationary bike for 10 minutes. (She hadn’t used the stationary bike in a while.) We talked on the phone that night and she reported what she ate and told me about her workout. Clearly it was an excellent start for her.

Day #2-4
Nothing eventful. She kept to the plan and reported every night what she did in regard to exer-cycling, walking around the neighborhood and eating. As she was eating Nutrisystems it was easier for her to report her meals. She just needed to say “Nutrisystem meals”.

Day #5
She had gone out that night with girlfriends and had 2 Kuala’s with crème (the very tasty alcoholic beverage.) This was a problem as she at least needed to call me to ask permission to have the second higher than normal calorie drink, which she didn’t. (Frankly having a lower calorie alcoholic beverage would have been better.) I explained to her how what she did was wrong (which she knew) and had her come over to my place the next day for punishment. Now is an important time. She might take more diet damaging liberties if her subconscious doesn’t realize she can’t get away with it. So punishment it would be and frankly it turned us both on anywayJ I waited alone in my house and she came over while her son was in school. As was standard with us, she was only allowed to wear a skirt or dress when we’re together (this dress I picked out for her over the phone last night.) As usual, upon entering she was required to remove her panties and leave them in a dresser by the door. (None of my slaves are allowed to wear panties in my home except for emergencies and when leaving.) She knelt down in front of me and I proceeded to scold her for not abiding by the diet rules. I opened her dress top and played with her breasts while she promised to be good and apologized. I then had her stand up and remove her dress, then kneel down again so I could tie her hands together. She was ordered to lie across my lap so I could give her a good spanking. I used a strap, a slapper and a small paddle and reddened her butt nicely. She made yelps, squirmed and kicked her feet. I then ordered her to stand in the corner, periodically coming over and spanking her while she was there. She once again promised to adhere to the rules. I then ordered her into the bedroom where we had sex and otherwise played for several hours. During our playtime her hands remained tied together. It was that day that I instigated maintenance spankings every 3 days (if convenient for her, though sometimes it wasn’t as we didn’t live together and she lived with her son as a single mother.)

Day #6:
Lori’s morning weigh in showed she had lost 3 pounds since beginning the diet. She was real happy about it. I thought I saw a difference in her yesterday and had told her that. She called during lunch and wanted to know if she could have the lasagna for lunch at the restaurant but I wouldn’t allow it. That night she emailed me what she ate and drank that day. She also described her workout. She said that she worked out at home with her 7 year old son and they had a good time working out together.

Day #7
Nothing eventful.

Day #8
Lori comes over for a maintenance spanking and of course we have sex. Like my punishment spankings her bottom is made red, though not as red as a punishment spanking. I use a variety of spanking implements too. (It’s always been my rule that a slave has no more than 60 seconds to be wet from a spanking. No spanking even has the chance of ending until she’s wet [with the exception of emergencies of course.]) Lori could take a hard spanking so the red bottom I would make sure to give her before the spanking was over, might be too hard for some other ladies to take. Lori remembered fondly how a paddle broke on her butt at a spanking party.

Day #9
Lori reports that the dress she initially put on for work was loose, loose enough to make her feel uncomfortable. She had forgotten to weigh herself before eating breakfast so no new weigh-in but we anticipated good news. She sent an email late that night jokingly noting the heaping tablespoon of her son’s ice cream she had. She wrote that her workout was 20 minutes on the stationary bicycle and it made her work up a good sweat.

Day #10
Lori weighs herself after defecating and has lost 6 pounds since beginning the diet. At work already her weight loss was getting noticed and compliments were being handed out. When people ask her how she was doing it she just said Nutrisystems and exercising, primarily on her stationary bicycle. (It could get her in trouble at work to bring up the BDSM thing.)

Day #11
This is maintenance spanking day but Lori couldn’t get a babysitter so it didn’t happen. She was in a bad mood though and my frustration about her not coming over upset her. Fortunately I soothed things over before the conversation ended.

Day #12
Lori calls that night and wants to eat a small slice of her sister’s peach pie which I let her do. She forgot to send me the nightly email report. I told her to come over for punishment ASAP. She apologized and tried to get a babysitter but couldn’t find one until two nights later on day #14.

Day #13
I realized I had not rewarded her yet with anything significant (actually she reminded me over the phone) and I felt bad. The next night she had her babysitter and we went to a Native American casino and I gave her $50 to gamble with, after our meal at the buffet. (As you can imagine I watched her like a hawk as she took food.) We got back to my place and I gave her the maintenance spanking she very much needed, leaving her lovely bare bottom a beautiful shade of red. We had sex of course.

Day #14-15
Nothing eventful.

Day #16
Lori weigh-in showed she’d lost a total of 9 pounds and frankly her weight loss for a woman in her 30s was even better than anyone expected. She voiced concern about her dwindling clothing supply (that would fit well.) She began wearing skirts and blouses more which made her feel sexier and seemed to adapt better to her shrinking body. She was being noticed in a positive way at work and got the impression it made her look like someone that can get things done, has drive and has follow-through. She was a bit frustrated by her somewhat shrinking boobs but the shrinkage was minor. The fact was that she had become a darn good advertisement for Nutrisystems and even her mother planned to start using them. (This book however does not necessarily recommend them over other weight loss nutrition programs.) Little did anyone other than us know that it was also the BDSM Weight Loss Program that was working so well, particularly in providing motivation.

Day #17
She forgot to email me her daily food and activities. I promise to ad an addition 30 spanks during her next maintenance spanking for that.

Day #18
With her son gone out of town to his grandmother’s for the weekend I was able to spend the night over at her place. I give her her maintenance spanking that evening and have a good time playing with her. I blindfolded her and tied her to the bed in tight bondage and left her there for over an hour. I spanked her again and took her as she laid there helplessly tied up.

After finally releasing her, we showered together and she made us a late dinner of which she also ate instead of nutrisystem food. It was Chop suey filled with vegetables. She had around a cup of rice and a good helping of the Chop suey.
The next morning we got up late, I got stuck with a honey-do list of stuff to do at her place which I spent 6 hours doing, then we played. That night we went through all her cloths to see which no longer “looked good” on her due to the weight loss. (I frankly thought more of her cloths looked fine on her than she did.)
We weeded out about 30% of her cloths and put the cloths that she thought were too big in a separate side of the closet. (Happily her sister had a lot of cloths that would fit Lori’s progressively more petite body. Her sister had grown out of those several years ago.)

Lori did extremely well on the BDSM weight loss diet. I attribute it to these factors:
1) She really wanted to lose weight; it was an obsession to her.
2) Her body could lose weight faster than many other folks. Perhaps she had a faster metabolism.
3) She had been into BDSM for over 6 years and was very comfortable with her role as a slave.
4) She respected me very much as a Dominant and frankly I again became more of a Master to her. I even collared her on day 23. It was another reward for her doing so well.
5) I did a good job as the Dominant. I backed down in more than one occasion where there could have been trouble if I pushed too much harder. I did a good job with her and frankly I can’t say that about all the sub/slaves I administered BDSM Weight Loss with.
6) She also relished all the attention and kudos she got and wasn’t hurt that much from the jealousy that more overweight women projected on her.
7) She could afford a specialized nutritional program such as Nutrisystems, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast, etc.
8) She wasn’t a food addict and did fine not eating that much even when she was around others that were

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