Michelle – Case Study 2


Michelle was mostly an online/phone slave of mine. She lived about 260 miles away. I pushed her to start the BDSM weight loss program under my guidance as she was overweight. She wasn’t my slave but respected me as a Dominant.

Michelle didn’t have Nutrisystems or something of that nature so she would have to concentrate on buying low-calorie foods. She did however have a fitness club membership that she had paid for but stopped using.

She drove over to my place for the weekend. She got there Friday night and stayed through Sunday afternoon. Saturday is when the BDSM Weight Loss Program started.

We played throughout the weekend and I made sure she did most of the work screwing. She was out of shape but really worked hard during sex which no doubt burned a lot of calories. Of course, I kept her bottom well-spanked throughout the weekend. I personally think the sub/slave being well spanked helps the weight loss program but I may be wrong.

We spent a good deal of time setting up her meals. We went online to get ideas and got a huge list of low-calorie things for her to make. (Of course, there are all the pre-made diet TV dinners to buy in the store.)

Something we tried was having her drink A LOT of water to try and fill her stomach up thus countering hunger pains. That had mixed results.

I had a Stairmaster at my house and made her walk and even run on it twice on Saturday and Sunday. While she was naked on the Stairmaster, I stood behind her with a paddle and paddled her when she didn’t walk/run fast enough. As previously noted I made her do as much of the work as possible when we had sex and that included sucking on my cock many times each day!

While she was with me she was a very good girl but after she left I could only hope she would obey the rules. She planned on visiting me every other weekend so I could see her progress and punish her in person for not adhering to the rules.

Day #3
She called to complain about how sore she was from our playtime but also to note what she ate.

Day #4
Nothing eventful. She sent me the nightly email as to what she ate. She said she was still too sore to go to the gym.

Day #5
Michelle went to her fitness facility and worked out, mostly working her lower body out. I am sad to report however that Michelle called and admitted to eating two donuts today during a work break. She said she was hungry and just couldn’t help herself. Being so far away can make punishment difficult and her next visit was a week and a half away. I feared that she would break down and once again too readily eat forbidden foods. I decided she needed to be punished for that now, as well as when she got here. One always has to wonder how a particular sub/slave will take to being scolded/punished as she could become defensive and call the whole thing off (if that happens then most likely she was not a good candidate for successful BDSM weight loss anyway.) I told her that her punishment, for now, is that she’s not allowed to wear panties until further notice. Obviously, this meant she could not wear a dress or skirt in public but she usually didn’t anyway. Also, I would tack on an extra, good spanking with the paddle when she next came to visit. Before she hung up though I told her she could wear panties for her excursions to the fitness club.

Day #6
Michelle had weighed herself after defecating (and before eating of course) and had lost 3 pounds since the start of the diet. She emailed me the good news! She also told me how she was at work with no panties on, which excited me. I emailed back congratulating her on the weight loss and told her to report what life is like while not wearing panties. That night she called. She told me of her now panty-less life and gave me the report as to what she ate that day, which was very little, so little that I voiced my concern.

Day #7
Michelle called that evening and wanted to know if she could have a chicken pasta dish at the restaurant she was at with two of her girlfriends. I told her no. She responded to me with silence and I asked her sternly if “she understood young lady?” and she responded with “Yes Sir” and that was that. She later said that one of her girlfriends gave her a hard time for not “splurging” and getting it. Little did her girlfriend know that she wasn’t allowed to do it by her “Dom”. (To play it safe, it wasn’t something Michelle was telling them about either.) Unfortunately for Michelle, most of her girlfriends had bad eating habits and didn’t really care what they looked like. Only one was attractive to start out with. It ended up being a tough night to hang out with her girlfriends. She went home feeling lonely. She called me up and told me of her frustration. I had to give her a pep talk and we had phone sex. I also had to remind her that she had made a commitment to the weight loss program and me, her Dom and she was required to follow through with the commitment. She agreed and felt better. She asked if she could start wearing panties again and I said yes. (Interestingly the next day one of her girlfriends called and said that Michelle had inspired her and she also was going to try and lose weight, starting with dieting.)

Day #8
Michelle had gotten into eating raw vegetables with low-calorie salad dressing. She also drank pure fruit juice and went to her fitness club to work out. She however forgot to send me her nightly report of what she ate and did for weight loss. She did however the next morning before she went to work (she worked that Saturday) and so I let it slide.

Day #9
She called to chat and sounded like she was having a lazy Sunday. I was busy and said she should go work out and call me back when she returned. A few hours later she did but she sounded irritable. I finally asked her if she was feeling okay and/or if she was mad about something. She finally said that it frustrated her that I didn’t want her the way she was and it seemed that I would only want her if she was the slender “Barbie doll type”.

Well, this took me by surprise but this is a common way for the lady in the BDSM weight loss program to act and feel, at least periodically.

The truth was I wanted her to look better and be sexier, the way that more slender women often are. Was I to be blamed for that? The truth was that as a guy I wanted her to be truly height weight proportionate, which she wasn’t yet. For some reason, I was however not allowed to think that way or was not allowed to take those thoughts seriously. (I certainly was not allowed to voice this desire.)

I had been here before and had told the truth to women which were that I would find her more attractive if she was a more optimal weight, but that offended the women and the relationship always had ended, at least for purposes of the BDSM Weight Loss Program.

Guys now are the time for you to perhaps swallow your pride and perhaps tell a little “white lie”, that being that you thought she was just as attractive and desirable now as she would be when she became height weight proportionate, or better yet slender. She wants to hear that and her shot at serious weight loss from the BDSM diet could be lost if you don’t.

The truth is I have a good deal of experience administering the BDSM Weight Loss Program and this obstacle comes up a lot.

I told Michelle that she just wasn’t all she could be and I took this weight loss program very seriously and she should also. It was being done for her. I also told her what a fine person she was and that I was sexually attracted to her.

I don’t know if she believed me but the phone conversation ended in a somewhat tense manner. I never heard from her that night with her nightly report though and neither of us communicated with each other for a number of days.

Her BDSM Weight Loss Program was over as was our romantic relationship.

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