Submissive Info

1) The dieter will report specifics (via email or phone) every night as to what she ate that day/night and what weight loss activities she engaged in. (It’s kind of a diary.) As is obvious, this way her Dom can better keep an eye on her activities.

2) If she wants to eat more than a heaping tablespoon of any higher calorie food, she MUST first get permission from her Dom. (Her Dom needs to give examples of what “higher calorie food” is.) For example, if there is an unexpected office party and cake is served, she would need to steal away and call up her Dom and ask permission to have a small slice. (To review, up to a heaping tablespoon in a multi-hour time period never needs permission. More than that always needs permission.)

3) Skipping workouts (assuming workouts are part of the program, which ideally they should be) are not allowed unless she has an excellent excuse. (Having a stationary bicycle and/or Stairmaster type of exercise device where she lives can work very well and is convenient. Often thrift stores have these.) To skip a workout, or not to work out hard enough, she needs permission from her Dom unless there is a health issue. If she misses a workout for a less than suitable reason, or her workouts are not of an acceptable nature and/or intensity, she should be punished!

4) To the Doms reading this, during a lasting weight loss program your resolve will almost certainly be tested by your submissive and you must be prepared to follow through with the threat of punishment unless she has a good excuse or there are health concerns. It’s very important that she respects you as the administrator of the weight loss program and enforcer of the weight loss program’s admittedly arduous restrictions.

It is also a rule that she must accept her punishment.
If you announce a punishment and she balks then chances are either the punishment is unreasonable or she just isn’t ready for weight loss the BDSM way.

5) If the dieter has health concerns then the weight loss program is at least suspended. All health concerns must be taken seriously and addressed immediately!